Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Necessity [Poem]

Necessity is the dictator of my life
and his severe voice commands me
to work so I can afford to sleep
in my own little corner of the universe
and have enough food in the fridge
to silence hunger's endless barkings.

My soul is weary of Necessity's lashings
which drive me to mundane, repetitive work,
but my spirit and hopes will never be crushed.
I dream of wrestling my freedom away
from Necessity's cold and steely clutches,
so I can be ruled by want instead of need.

Then I will be as brutal a ruler upon myself
as Necessity was to me - no rest for me, none!
For being freed I must excel at my soul's vocation,
otherwise I will waste my freedom on mere luxuries.

To defeat Necessity, I must learn what he teaches:
Before the soul can soar in the skies, 
it must first have mastery of the ground.