Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Celebration of the Senses [Poem]

The fog of thought blurs my vision, and I cannot the world see. 
My mind is fixated on responsibilities and the world’s mysteries. 
But a refreshing breath of mindfulness awakens my soul, 
so I can behold this reality of which I am part of a whole. 

Before my eyes were open, but my Sight was blind. 
Now that my mind is at rest and I step out of the grind,
my hungry eyes want to take in everything there is to gaze:
O Life, let me see all of your beautiful, ephemeral ways! 

Let me see the leaves and their labyrinths of texture, 
let me see every shape in every colour and mixture!
O Colour! The redness of red, the blueness of blue! 
How deeply my Sight wishes to connect with you!

The simple magic of the baby snow hugging elderly trees, 
and clouds peacefully walking - O, what wonders are these!
Friends! Shrug your burdens off your backs, and let’s go!
Let us frolic, play, and laugh! For will this last? We don’t know.

All of you! Nature’s fair children, you who still have some vitality. 
All things in this world must pass, inner and outer, that’s reality. 
Our wealth of time is too poor, let us not spend it on crying.
Let’s share the love in our hearts and enjoy this life's dying.