Friday, March 15, 2013

Mechanicalness Vs. Humanness

(This is an article version of a public speech I did, which won me 2nd place in the competition and won me 50$. Not bad, not bad). 

Let us consider for a moment that we consist of two parts: one part that is what has come from outside,
what we have been conditioned to do, and the other part is what comes from inside, what we always are. Let us call it The Mechanical Nature and The Human Nature.

We are the Androids.

Society gives us prepackaged beliefs and goals. We assume that we agree with them because we are told, probably since birth, that they are the truth. It is like we INHERIT all of this. But we find that if we tilt the investigative lens inside ourselves that we may actually not agree with any of it. We find it does not match up with our inner and outer experiences of life.

This is the start of forming your own opinions, and forming your own opinions is how we avoid getting swept up in the current, and who knows where that current might be headed?

Being swept along in that current is the Mechanical Nature. An advertisement tells you to desire something, something that is designed meticulously from the ground up to be desirous, and then, just like clockwork, you want it, very badly. The news tell you that such-and-such is the real story, the full report, and you believe it, just like clockwork. Mechanicalness is when you act on every impulse that the external world stirs up in you.

This state of living entirely at the mercy of the external world, being driven along through the mazes of life by sensations and desires, this state of having all you think, say, and feel be decided by things other than yourself, is mechanicalness. We are the machines. All our deeds are the results of external influences.

Pictured: The Real Robot Apocalypse

Now, mechanicalness and societal conditioning has a place in the world and it always has. For example, society has programmed me to not be a nudist and I think you would agree that is for the But, a crisis always emerges when our mechanical side is dominant over our human side. We never go against the crowd. We are ruled by self-destructive habits like laziness or overindulgence. We neglect doing things we want to do in favor of things we do not want to do.

This happens because whereas the development of our mechanical nature happens on its own, the development of our own humanness is solely by our own volition.

The human nature is when reason kicks and says, “Wait a minute, I don’t REALLY want that. It’s a waste of money and time”, or “That can’t really be true”. The human nature is when intuition kicks in and says, “There’s something about this. I just know it.” or, “I should go there, I don’t know how or why, but I should go there”. The human nature is doing what makes you come alive and doing what you know is right. The human nature is pursuing and acting on your highest bliss.

The mechanical nature is what you inherit from the world, the human nature is what you give the world. The mechanical nature is what the world makes you, the human nature is what you make of the world.

Take a look at yourself in the psychological mirror and distinguish between what is human and what is mechanical in yourself. Compare the “YOU-ness”, innate qualities that you have always possessed, against what you have learned and been conditioned to do.

With the scalpel of self-observation we can cut through the circuitry, tear off the metal plating, and reveal the humanness underneath. With the will of our defiant individuality we can be a fixed pole that does not sway even when the whole world goes in the opposite direction. We can make our own happiness, set our own goals, be our own masters.

Struggle against your mechanicalness!

You have fed the mechanical you, that you of the world, that you inherited from the world, for long enough. Awaken the human you, the you that you are in spite of the world, the essential you.