Sunday, September 20, 2015

Green-Gold Lands Sublime [Poem]

Green-Gold Lands Sublime
by Dylan Grant

In these green-gold lands sublime, 
I can’t help but be filled with rhyme. 
Everywhere I look: dance and song! 
When I'm away from Nature too long, 
I think my anxieties 
are actually realities 
and I take my life to be all,
though I am only very small.

Do you hear Nature,
our parent-teacher?
From the ground and the sky, do you hear her speak? 
“All beings must struggle to live. No place for the weak.
To remain comfortable is to decay, 
and eventually for that with your life you'll pay. 
Therefore, always strive to be higher and higher! 
To see all beings evolve is my driving desire.

All life, even if armed with tooth and claw, 
must obey this one omnipresent law:  
The world does not belong to any one form of life. 
Take what you need so resources will be rife. 

Oh my child! Hear the subtle symphony 
Of the bird, the wind, the stream, and the tree. 
Feel the peaceful perfection of the clouds above, 
All of these reveal ineffable divine love. 
Let this pure sweetness caress your inmost soul, 
until you can’t resist being part of the whole,
until you can’t stand being dissonant
in this world harmonious and infinite”

Thus the Gods and Goddesses spoke to me,
in their language of symbols and synchronicity. 
Divinity speaks through all phenomena, 
when you see this life as just a drama,  
when you make your deepest mind receptive,
by freeing it from the social collective, 
and making it a joyful habit to meditate.  
When the Gods' character you imitate, 
and when their esoteric words you heed,  
nothing in this world you’ll ever need,
for we just play our parts in the divine play, 
this we’ll see fully on our dying day.

I realized when I went to the wood:
that the universe is innately good.